Anne Bisson: Blue Mind (LP, Camilio)


Anne Bisson: Blue Mind (LP, Camilio)


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Anne Bisson is completely unknown in the German-speaking world. The Canadian comes from the province of Quebec and lives in Montreal. She has a rigorous training in classical piano and singing and has won countless awards in Canada. This album, however, is a very personal jazz album with eight self-written, deeply emotional songs in outstanding sound quality.

Anne Bisson had completely worked out all the songs and got to know two professional session musicians from the Fidelio Musik label in the studio. Drummer Paul Brochu also teaches at the University of Montreal and has toured all of Europe as a percussionist. Double bass player Normand Guilbeault plays jazz with passion and is the organizer of the Montreal OFF Festival de Jazz. This trio harmonizes as if they were made for each other. The entire LP was produced in less than two days. That in itself would not be so interesting for the audiophile music listener if the recording had not also been technically outstanding. In the studio reference in St. Calixte, an amazing recording was captured on analog tape (!) With the finest Neumann and B&K microphones. This studio actually uses Shunyata audiophile cables and the amplification is done by the Canadian manufacturer MOON. Then overdubs were used for the entire LP only on the track “Dragonfly” and all other tracks are presented as they were actually recorded. An absolute rarity in modern productions. The finished LP was finally cut by Kevin Gray at AcoustechMastering in California and pressed onto 180g vinyl. Now comes the downer: It’s an LP and you can hear a few clicks on it. If you feel disturbed by this and prefer absolutely artifact-free reproduction of the magic of the LP, the download from the website of Fidelio Music in Canada is recommended.

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