Anne Bisson: Tales from the Treetops (LP, Camilio)


Anne Bisson: Tales from the Treetops (LP, Camilio)


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Pianist and singer Anne Bisson currently has one of the most beautiful jazz voices. Made famous among audiophiles in Germany with her album Blue Mind, the Canadian produced a follow-up in December 2013 with Tales From The Treetops. Here the listener encounters well-known characters and stories such as the “Lady of the Black Lake”, whom we follow on her journey from childhood to death.

Bisson, who plays a Bösendorfer, is accompanied by Paul Brochu on drums, Frederic Alarie on bass and Vincent Belanger on cello. The soprano Suzie LeBlanc will sing as a guest. Production took place in Les Studios Opus in Quebec, and the 180g vinyl LP was mastered by Bernie Grundman.

We recommend the use of “L’Art du Son” LP cleaner for wet washing of your vinyl. New panels from high-quality production also benefit from this again.

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