Beethoven: Violin Concerto (Henryk Szeryng) (UHQCD)


Beethoven: Violin Concerto (Henryk Szeryng) (UHQCD)


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For these recordings of Ludwig van Beethoven’s violin concertos, Henryk Szeryng worked with the London Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra under conductor Bernard Haitink.

UHQCD stands for Ultimate High Quality Compact Disc and is a joint development of the Japanese CD replication company Memory-Tech and the Audio Quality CD Company from Hong Kong. Unlike conventional CDs, UHQCDs are not pressed from polycarbonate, but rather cast from a photopolymer and cured with UV light. Another layer of high-purity polycarbonate is applied to protect the softer photopolymer from scratching. The combination results in a significantly reduced reflection of the laser light inside the CD and an unequaled precise edge transition between pits and lands of the CD. UHQCDs are 100% compatible with normal CD players. Musically, the result is a sound that is strongly reminiscent of analog master tapes.

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