Calvin Keys – Shawn-Neeq (LP, Japanese Edition, P-Vine Records)


Calvin Keys – Shawn-Neeq (LP, Japanese Edition, P-Vine Records)


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A jazz guitarist who also participates in the works of <Black Jazz Records> labelmates such as Doug Carn and Gene Russell.

Calvin Kies. As Grammy winner Pat Metheny released a song called “Calvin’s Keys”

He is a guitarist who is highly evaluated by musicians. His debut album “Shaun Neek” released in 1971

It starts with an alternative jazz-funk “B.E.” that sounds groovy and funky over 7 minutes.

This song should appeal not only to jazz fans but also to those who usually like guitar-based genres such as rock and blues!

“Shawn-Neeq”, a guitar full of fantastic electric piano and kindness, “Gee-Gee” with lounge jazz elements,

Up to the acid funk “B.K.”, which goes well with Bob Bray’s aggressive drumming and the guitar that played over 9 minutes.

All 5 songs where each character stands out!

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