Chapelier Fou – Paralleles (CD, Ici d’Ailleurs)


Chapelier Fou – Paralleles (CD, Ici d’Ailleurs)

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Only a few months after the release of Méridiens, Chapelier fou offers us an equally successful follow-up to this album with Parallèles. We find again this science for the twirling pocket melodies, for these hectic rhythms in ambiences that bring us back to Tim Burton’s movies or to Yann Tiersen’s music, or to the sounds of the English label WARP from the end of the 90s. A mix between electronic sounds and violins which works here more than ever in a perfectly mastered record for Chapelier Fou who, from a solo project, is transformed into a group project with the contribution of musician friends and thus a wider, richer instrumentation…. and you can hear it! From album to album, the Messinian never stops refining a style that becomes more and more fluid, more and more beautiful, more and more exciting. Because if one could think at the beginning that such an assembly could quickly show its limits, one realizes with the passing of time that it is not the case. It’s even quite the opposite, since we’ve never felt Chapelier Fou / Mad Hatter’s music as radiant and easy as on these last two albums… with a cinematographic dimension more and more present in his music…. no surprise then that we’ll soon find him on the soundtrack of an animated film.

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