Chinese Recorder Concertos – East Meets West (CD, SACD, Our Recordings)


Chinese Recorder Concertos: East Meets West [Audio CD] Michala Petri; Lan Shui; Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra; Tang Jianping; Bright Sheng; Chen Yi and Ma Shui-Long

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OUR Recordings is proud to announce the third installment in their pioneering “Dialogue – East Meets West” series.

The music of many of China’s greatest living composers and musicians remains unknown outside of their homeland. As a part of their ongoing series, “Dialogue – East Meets West”, Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal, provide the opportunity for Western and Chinese musicians and composers to creatively collaborate in a truly international, musical dialogue.

Chinese Recorder Concertos features four contemporary masterworks by Chinese, Chinese-American and Taiwanese composers recorded in stunning SACD sound.

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