Chopin: 24 Preludes. Op.28 (Martha Argerich) (SHM-SACD)


Chopin: 24 Preludes. Op.28 (Martha Argerich) (SHM-SACD)


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With the 24 Preludes, Frédéric Chopin created one of the major works of 19th century piano music in 1838/39. The cycle, which ties in with Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, moves through the twelve major and minor keys, between melancholy, poetry and passion, and is considered to be a style-defining element. This recording for Deutsche Grammophon by Martha Argerich was made in 1977 and is one of the most important of the composition.

This track is an SHM-SACD. This format is the further development of the single-layer SACD and uses a particularly light-transparent plastic (super high material). It enables the pit-land structures to be read out much better on the surface than is possible with hybrid SACDs. The SHM-SACDs from Universal are generally re-digitized from the master tapes of the albums into DSD without any changes. SHM-SACDs can be played on any SACD player. Please do not use L’Art du Son or alcohol-based cleaning agents. – Attention: All tracks are designed by Universal Music as limited edition collectibles for the Japanese market.

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