Cuadernos De La Habana (5CDs, Winter and Winter)


Cuadernos De La Habana (5 CD) [Audio CD] Various Artists

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Arriving at the José Martí airport, as soon as my feet are on Cuban soil and the first wave of humidity engulfing my body, I feel a strange sensation. In my mind’s eye I see that old photo of my parents, who had just met, hugging in the Malecón. That was more than sixty years ago. I ask myself how on earth I have been able to wait so long before coming to Havana, a city which in a way has always been part of my life. It was Stefan who persuaded me to come when we met in Venice. I’ve joined his team but I have no special role (I confess I thought then it would be to look, listen and keep quiet.) It’s been quite a time since that conversation because Stefan has put off the project more than once. I suppose it’s not easy setting up a recording in Cuba. He and the others have already been here a couple of days. I only decided to come at the last minute.

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Winter & Winter

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