Dezron Douglas – Atalaya (LP, International Anthem)


Dezron Douglas – Atalaya (LP, International Anthem)

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Atalaya is the new album by Dezron Douglas and it is alive. Alive in all the ways that jazz is at it’s best, and filtered through the time-honored tradition of a combo whose members enforce the law of sonic coherence through musical unity. A multi-headed hydra. Shiva’s arms operating independently yet together to realize one goal. Chops so honed that it feels like telepathy, or as Dez puts it: “Mysticism, Magic, Faith, Love, Power, Discernment!” Regular International Anthem listeners will remember Dezron Douglas his contributions to Makaya McCraven’s Universal Beings and from Force Majeure, his sublime duo record with harpist Brandee Younger, which compiled the best of their weekly livestream performances from lockdown 2020. That album reflected the speed and feeling of the moment while somehow simultaneously distracting from the harsh reality of it. Atalaya, similarly, wasn’t processed in the lab, but rather, captured in the room. The difference is the energy level. Again, let’s defer to Dez here: “Welcome to the Black Lion rocket ship.” Welcome indeed. Prepare for liftoff, and watch your head, as the pendulum swings wide on this one. Free and dissonant, sweet and consonant, sweeping and pure. This is the band you hope is playing every time you walk into a club.

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