Franz Von Suppe – Ouverturen (CD, Br-Klassik)


Ouvertueren [Audio CD] Suppe / Muenchner Rundfunkorchester

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Franz von Suppé is one of the most famous Austrian composers of the 19th century, right after Johann Strauss (son), who paid their tribute above all to the light muse. His catalog raisonné lists almost three dozen operettas and game operas as well as countless comedies of spoken theater, which he framed and loosened up with musical numbers: the typical repertoire of the old Viennese suburban and popular theaters, which he as Kapellmeister at the Theater in der Josefstadt, as chief composer and conductor at the Theater an der Wien and later at other stages in the Danube metropolis. His best-known operettas are Die Schöne Galathée (1865), Fatinitza (1876) and Boccaccio (1879). Most of his stage works may have been forgotten, his sparkling, lively, rousing and rousing overtures are extremely lively and convey an idea of the composer’s art of composing, his imagination in inventing catchy tunes and his technical skills in terms of design or instrumentation . His overtures such as Light Cavalry, Poets and Peasants or A Morning, a Midday, an Evening in Vienna are an integral part of the core repertoire of Viennese music from the so-called golden operetta era and they are always on the program of popular concert events, such as the Vienna New Year’s Concerts. As chief conductor of the Munich Radio Orchestra, Ivan Repu i has selected some of the best-known and most popular overture suppés for his new studio production, which was recorded in May 2018 and is now being released on CD by BR Klassik. At the same time, the album prepares for the composer’s 200th year of birth, which will be celebrated next year: Franz von Suppé was born on April 18, 1819 in the Dalmatian town of Spalato (now the Croatian Split) and died on May 21, 1895 in Vienna.

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