Frederic Rosselet plays Bach, Berio, Dutilleux & Ligeti (CD, Yarlung)


Frederic Rosselet [Importado] [Audio CD] Frederic Rosselet; Gyrgy Ligeti; Luciano Berio; Henri Dutilleux and Johann Sebastian Bach

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Swiss ‘cellist Frédéric Rosselet plays subtly and athletically. He is not a performer who shows off at every opportunity; his is a higher aesthetic. The technical prowess you will hear on this recording rivals the great virtuosi and his recording is on a grand scale. He uses this skill tastefully and reservedly. Frédéric plays two different ‘cellos in this recording. A modern ‘cello, which he plays in the pieces by Berio, Ligeti and Dutilleux, made about 130 years ago by a student of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. For the two Bach suites, Frédéric chose a glorious instrument configured as they would have been played in the Baroque era, without a peg, a lighter sound post on the interior of the instrument, gut strings and a Baroque bow.

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