Fritz Wunderlich: Great Singers Live (CD, Br-Klassik)


Fritz Wunderlich [Audio CD] Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks; Mnchner Rundfunkorchester; Leo Fall; Misha Spoliansky; Albert Lortzing; Carl Milloecker; Robert Stolz; Franz Lhar; Johann Strau; Eduard Kuennecke; Willy Mattes; Hans Moltkau; Kurt Eichhorn; Siegfried Khler; Meinhard von Zallinger and Fritz Wunderlich

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Although it has now been fifty years since Fritz Wunderlich tragically died on September 17, 1966, his incomparable tenor voice has remained unforgettable. This is due to the fact that his artistic career began like a comet: the young singer was hired by a Freiburg student performance of Mozart’s Magic Flute at the Stuttgart State Opera, then went via Frankfurt to Munich, performed at the Vienna State Opera and the Salzburg Festival an offer from the New York Metropolitan Opera was already available. Above all, one remembers his vital, cheerful personality as well as his almost unlimited resilient voice full of enamel, with great abundance and radiance and an enchanting timbre. The accurate, always understandable pronunciation of the words sung was before and remained unmatched after. He sang operetta scenes with ease and charming recklessness; he gave songs that had fallen into disrepute as sentimental the grace of real feeling; he was hitting effect numbers with verve, as if he were an Italian …

On the CD newly released by BR-KLASSIK on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death, Fritz Wunderlich presents himself in early, previously unpublished radio recordings that were made between 1959 and 1965. The recordings of several Sunday concerts in Munich and the studio recordings of the Bavarian Radio show him and his tenor voice at the height of his artistic career. Together with the Munich Radio Orchestra and the Bavarian Radio Choir, he can be heard under the direction of renowned conductors such as Kurt Eichhorn, Siegfried Köhler, Willy Mattes, Hans Moltkau and Meinhard von Zallinger. The focus was on the German repertoire from the game opera to the operetta to popular hits, which more or less owe their survival to our days to his interpretations in concerts and on record.

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