Goran Bregovic – Three Letters from Saravejo (LP, Universal)


Goran Bregovic – Three Letters from Saravejo (LP, Universal)

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Goran Bregovic is back with the album “Three Letters from Sarajevo”! A musician from Sarajevo, he created an album inspired by his city – its history, ethnic and religious diversity and a whole lot of paradoxes. A city that is called “Jerusalem of the Balkans”.

On “Three Letters from Sarajevo”, Bregovic combined the music of 3 different religions with the participation of his beloved Weddings and Funerals Orchestra. At the same time, he invited a symphony orchestra, which appears in three instrumental works with three different violin solos (eastern, klezmer and classical western), as well as three vocalists – Rachid Tah, Riff Cohen and the well-known Polish audience Asaf Avidan and Bebe.

Bregovic is undoubtedly one of the few artists who managed to combine in his work such a wide spectrum of styles and techniques without losing his own identity. The latest album, Three Letters from Sarajevo, proves that music can break down all walls and cross any border.

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