Grateful Dead – Workingman’s Dead (SACD, Mobile Fidelity)


Grateful Dead – Workingman’s Dead (SACD, Mobile Fidelity)

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Workingman’s Dead is the counter-evidence to the often expressed thesis that the Grateful Dead cannot produce brilliant recordings in the studio. Always praised for its natural sound, the album now becomes the audiophile reference disc with this remastering. Remastered by Rob LoVerde for Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, the 1970s recording oozes detail and airiness on a wide and deep stage. The incredible tonal and vocal balance will blow away even longtime deadheads.

Workingman’s Dead is the Dead’s first album, which is limited to great songs, simple warmth and pure essentials. So the album begins with the relaxed Uncle John’s Band and the innocent invitation “Will you come with me?”. The new restraint probably stemmed from the turbulent times in which the band found themselves. Financial problems, drugs and above all the tragic end of the Altamont Music Festival and thus the symbolic end of the “Peace & Love” era shaped the creation of the album. The reflection on the simple and on simply beautiful vocal harmonies inspired by Crosby, Stills and Nash make Workingman’s Dead a timeless album. The hybrid SACD comes in a limited edition mini LP cover with a consecutive serial number. Highly recommended for any collection!

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