Jeremy Monteiro Trio – A Song for You Karen (UHD-CD, FIM)


Jeremy Monteiro Trio – A Song for You Karen (UHD-CD, Fim)


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Let’s make a jazz album with songs by the Carpenters,” said Jeremy Monteiro on a sunny morning in Redmond. He was visiting Winston Ma from First Impression Music – and he wasn’t convinced. A jazz album? Karen Carpenter’s music lived with her singing! “Very well,” said Monteiro, “then let Jacintha sing. I’ll give her a call.”

Jacintha wasn’t pleased about the call at first because it was late at night when it came to her in Singapore. Nevertheless, she said yes immediately and so it came to a wonderful combination of jazzy Carpenter songs with one of the most memorable jazz voices. Sugar for the ears, especially since the entire recording was completely in DSD format. The 32-bit remastering teased out a touch more detail and space from the recording.

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