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Just Bach [Audio CD] Johannette Zomer

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This CD presents a wonderful anthology of gems from Bach’s huge output of cantatas. The soprano soloist takes the leading role, and expresses a wide range of human emotions from angst and deep despair to trust, joie de vivre and exuberant jubilation. A comforting or cheerful oboe or cello is often at her side, and she becomes closely engaged with them in moving or lively dialogues.

Johannette Zomers repertoire ranges from medieval music through all music of the baroque and classical eras, including opera, but also Lieder, French Romanticism and Contemporary music. In 2013 she founded her own ensemble the Tulipa Consort, with whom she recorded a Vivaldi disc in 2015: LAUDATE!:

Bart Schneemann is oboist, artistic director for the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and teacher. There is a growing demand for Schneemann as soloist as well as conductor and this results in numerous appearances throughout Europe, America, the Far East and Australia.

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