Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express (LP, Parlophone)


Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express (LP, Parlophone)


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Warner Music / Parlophone Records have now confirmed that the vinyl remaster Kraftwerk – Catalog 12345678 – from 2009 from Germany and the UK will appear for the first time as individual heavyweight LPs in colored vinyl.

There are a total of six German LPs and eight UK LPs – Autobahn, Radio-Activity, Trans Europe Express, The Man-Machine, Computer World, Techno Pop, The Mix and Tour De France. The German editions include five German-language versions and additional radio activity that shows the German song title on the artwork, although the audio is identical to the UK pressing. The new vinyl editions are pressed onto 180g heavyweight vinyl in a dynamic palette of colors: from the translucent neon yellow of Computerwelt to the blue of Autobahn, they sound flawless. The Kraftwerk albums were designed and produced by Ralf Hütter and the covers were printed according to the highest production standards. Each album comes with an illustrated booklet that contains these visionary worlds of images from Kraftwerk.

Kraftwerk’s unmatched influence on electronic music and pop culture can currently be seen in the Design Museum London, where the highly acclaimed exhibition Electro: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers can be seen. Kraftwerk’s 3-D exhibition space is one of the standout moments of the exhibition, a completely immersive experience that captures the uniqueness of a Kraftwerk concert with its ultra-modern sound and visual presentation

Kraftwerk’s eight Kling Klang studio albums, all pressed on 180g colored vinyl.

Kraftwerk’s colored vinyl LPs will be released as a limited special edition on October 9, 2020 via Warner Music / Parlophone.

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