Lukas Kranzelbinder – On Boit Lumumba (CD, Jazzhaus)


On Boit Lumumba [Audio CD] Lukas Kranzelbinder and N/A

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The aim of the SWR NEWJazz Meeting is to help artists develop exciting projects that are difficult to realize under conventional conditions. The legendary sound laboratory was launched in 1966 and has become a source of inspiration for new jazz developments in the course of its more than 50-year history. The young Lukas Kranzelbinder, curator of the 2018 edition, is already one of the most active and versatile bassists on the Austrian music scene. For this project he brought together five artists, including the writer Fiston Mwanza Mujila, who together form the band On boit lumumba We drink lumumba! form. The name of the album and the band refer on the one hand to Patrice Lumumba (first Congolese prime minister and African freedom fighter at the beginning of the 1960s) and on the other hand to the popular drink made from cocoa, rum and milk. And as the curator himself notes: ‘There is really an absurdity in there, which in turn has a connection to the topics that Fiston deals with in his texts and his books’.

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