Maria Schneider & SWR Big Band (2CDs, Jazzhaus)


Maria Schneider & SWR Big Band [Audio CD] Schneider, Maria / Swr Big Band

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The US American Maria Schneider is a globally recognized band leader, arranger and composer. She has already been awarded a Grammy several times. On the occasion of Kurt Weill’s 100th birthday and 50th anniversary of death, she realized a jazz matinee with the SWR Big Band on May 14, 2000 in the Villa Berg in Stuttgart. The present album contains the live recording of this program, which not only includes works by the Dessau master, but also other classics of big band literature. “It was a really great movie with Maria Schneider,” recalls the then trumpeter of the SWR Big Band, Klaus Reichstaller. “She gives soloists a lot of freedom. Maria Schneider not only composes, but is also able to conduct the orchestra in a professional and sensitive manner. There is hardly anything better than having her at the top.” For the SWR Big Band, these days in May 2000 are one of the highlights of the orchestra’s history to date.

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