Matt Elliott – Broken Man (2LPs, Ici D’Ailleurs)


Matt Elliott – Broken Man (2LPs, Ici D’Ailleurs)


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Limited double vinyl with bonus tracks and instrumental versions! Ten yearss after its release, the reissue of this fabulous Matt Elliott record seemed essential to us since it was eagerly expected!It is undoubtedly the most dramatic sequel to the songs trilogy being outstanding for its darkness, from which he has progressively turned away. The Songs Trilogy is over, A new chapter entitled ‘The Broken Man’ is about to open and is the most delicate of Elliott’s albums to date. The angry noise has all but abated, making way for more fragile melodies and a more subtle approach to intensity to immerse the listener. Ideally listened to in total darkness to discover the hope hidden deep within the guitars, voice, choirs, bells, ethereal trumpets, the howl of the dog beneath the skin, in the sincerity of the music.

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Ici d'Ailleurs

Είδος Μουσικής

Folk, Rock


Ici d'Ailleurs

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