Michiko Ogawa – Balluchon (LP, Japanese Edition)


Michiko Ogawa – Balluchon (LP, Japanese Edition)


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The long-awaited record of the popular jazz pianist “Riko Ogawa / Baluchon” released last year from “Ultra Art Record”, which is presided over by audio masters Haruo Shio and Reiji Asakura!

180g weight board / 33rpm

Her work from the 1920s to the 30s is the main work, and it is also characteristic that there are many favorite songs by Ella Fitzgerald. Gershwin’s “O Lady Be Good”, which was placed at the top of the album, changed from a lyrical touch verse to an uptempo, and jazz with a wonderful sense of speed develops. This wonderful groove feeling is always maintained throughout the album, and while dealing with the works of the heyday of swing jazz, the overflowing sound is fresh and fresh and colorful, and the engraved rhythm is really clear and comfortable. (Ryuichi Shirayanagi (Music Producer) / Partial excerpt from Liner)

About valuation analog records

Ultra Art Records produces music with the aim of achieving both musicality and sound quality. This time, when converting the valusion to an analog record, in order to give information to the sound groove as much as possible and ensure the maximum sound quality, I dared to remove two songs from the 12 songs of the preceding CD and chose a method to raise the cutting level. It’s all for “good sound” and for “good sound groove”. A total of 12 songs will be recorded on the 45-turn 2-disc complete board scheduled to be released at the end of the year. Please enjoy the high-quality sound that Ultra Art Records is aiming for.

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