Patricia Barber: Cafe Blue (SACD)


Patricia Barber: Cafe Blue (SACD)


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Every music album that has the slightest claim to wanting to be commercially successful is mastered. The original mix from the multi-channel tracks is post-processed. The mastering engineer can make an album sound loud or quiet, slow or fast by simply adjusting the tone controls for each track. The real trick, however, is to turn the mix into an album that will please as many customers as possible. The original version of Café Blue is by Jim Anderson. A few years later Shawn W. Britton reworked this mastering for Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab and created a version that had been out of print for years and sounded even more airy and transparent. At the request of the Asian market, Jim Anderson edited the album again: it was released as a gold CD, which sounded significantly richer and warmer than previous releases and is also long out of print.

For the re-release on vinyl, the digital individual tracks of Café Blue in the Capitol Studios were reworked with an analog mixer on analog tapes. The legendary reverberation chambers of the house were used to give the recording even more atmosphere. The combination of the re-mix and re-mastering led to the soundly best version of Café Blue to date, which was only available on LP. The decision has now been made to digitize the mix from the Capitol studios directly in the Super Audio Center in Colorado without re-mastering. Gus Skinas, the sound engineer, is absolutely right when he explains that the album has never been heard so emphatically and directly. The “omission” of the post-processing of the mix leads to a tonally much richer and also a little darker album than the first release. Patricia Barber’s voice is a bit withdrawn compared to the instruments and is occasionally larger than life in the room. The positions of the instruments are less clearly defined, but this album has never been so emotionally intense. – One of the 10 best albums in jazz history just got better.

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