Rachel Podger – Vivaldi: La Stravaganza (2LPs, Analogphonic)


Rachel Podger – Vivaldi: La Stravaganza (2LPs, Analogphonic)

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Rachel Podger is a recognized expert on baroque violin. The British musician founded several baroque ensembles, played chamber music and concerts with baroque specialist Andrew Manze, founded a baroque festival and toured worldwide as a soloist. She plays a Pesarini violin from 1739 and, since 2009, a Stradivarius Crespi from 1699. For this recording of Antonio Vivaldi’s twelve violin concertos, Podger is accompanied by the Polish ensemble Arte Dei Suonatori, one of the most distinguished baroque orchestras in Europe. The recording is not only technically brilliant, but lively and sometimes amazing. Contrary to all prejudices about Vivaldi’s music, it is not predictable. Podger tells a story musically through skilful choice of tempo and remarkable intonation. This is how baroque music sounds from its contemporary perspective. The DMM remaster for this 180 gram double LP with 33 rpm was done by Hans-Jorg Mauksch at Pauler Acoustics. The pressing was made by Pallas in Diepholz. We recommend using L’Art du Son LP cleaner for wet washing your vinyl. New plates from high-quality production also benefit from this again.

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