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String Quartets [Audio CD] Spiegel / Mendelssohn / Ragazze Quartet

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‘Two works from the very heart of the string quartet repertoire, and related to one another in a special way. Mendelssohn wrote his string quartet a few months after Beethoven’s death and it clearly shows that he was strongly inspired by Beethoven’s late string quartets, specifically his opus 132. Not just the key but also the form and the thematic material show many resemblances. The two works seem to us to be a diptych; they mirror one another. The reflection isn’t a crystal clear one, but it shows the connection between two heavyweights. It’s the indescribable greatness and depth of this music which years ago awoke our desire to play quartets and still drives us today. These are works which will never be ‘finished’. They’ll always go on developing and ripening in our minds, to be played as new at each concert.’ Ragazze Quartet.

The Ragazze Quartet plays classical and contemporary string quartet repertoire and is acclaimed for its musical enthusiasm, talent, versatility and dynamic presentation. The quartet collaborates with and performs alongside composers, musicians and artists working in a variety of disciplines and genres. While grounded firmly in the classical music tradition, the Ragazze Quartet is always in search of the ultimate crossover, where the different disciplines are approached as equals, complementing and elevating one another.

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