Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet (2LPs, Japanese Edition, Universal Japan)


Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet (2LPs, Japanese Edition, Universal)


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After the pop-psychedelic era, he returned to the band’s roots in blues and rock’n’roll. This year, 50 years after the original release on December 6, 1968, the masterpiece that became the starting point of “Stone’s Sound”, which can be said to be synonymous with rock, Appeared as an analog version with LP + 12 inch single + flexi disc set! The main part of the album is newly remastered by Bob Ludwig. It is cut into a lacquer board at Abbey Road Studios and stored in a 180g heavyweight LP. The 12-inch single contains a monaural version of “The Song of Mercy for the Devil,” which is very different from the stereo version. And the rare flexi disc that came with the original Japanese LP, “” Hello! Mick Jagger “April 17, 1968 London-Tokyo” is reprinted as it is. This is a telephone interview with Mick Jagger by King Records, the Japanese distributor at the time, and you can hear a playful and unique exchange. A luxurious specification with a simple original LP jacket slip case added to the “toilet graffiti” jacket (spread / etched) that was rejected by the record company when the original LP was released.

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