Sachsische Blaserphilharmonie, David Timm – Cloud Castle (CD, Genuin)


Cloud Castle [Audio CD] Hodel / Sachsische Blaserphilharmonie

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In 2017, the Saxon Wind Philharmonic was accepted into Germany’s ‘Excellent Orchestra Landscape’ federal subsidy program by a commission for an orchestral piece to the renowned composer Jörg Mainka. With Cloud-Castle, Mainka created a reference work for contemporary symphonic wind music, which the elite ensemble from Bad Lausick has recorded for the first time on this GENUIN CD. The technically demanding and versatile piece is accompanied by other contemporary works that reflect the rich diversity of the repertoire and the virtuosity of the Wind Philharmonic: Their permanent first guest conductor David Timm also conducts Stephan Hodel’s Legend of Curupira and Thorsten Wollmann’s Sinfonia Antiqua on the CD.

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