Sarah McLachlan – Solace (CD, Sony)


Sarah McLachlan – Solace (CD, Sony)


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Solace, the second album by Sarah McLachlan from Nova Scotia, is much more mature and musically more demanding than her debut album, the somewhat limited but promising touch. Actually, everyone of her fans who first became aware of her work through her later, extremely popular releases Fumbling Towards Ecstasy and Surfacing should own this album.

The very first piece, “Drawn to the Rhythm”, which thrives on its soft, intoxicating soprano and Ronald Jones’ addicting drums (even if the hum of the billatron in the chorus seems a bit inappropriate), you want to hear over and over again. The rumbling, electric “Into the Fire” grooves with a funky bass line; the love affliction of “Path of Thorns” and “I Will Not Forget You” is straightforward with lots of blues. As always with more wisdom than her age, Sarah Mclachlan shows a newly awakened consciousness with introspective songs like the Sinead O’Connor-esque “Lost” and “Shelter”. Overall, Solace is a wonderful representation of her multi-faceted voice and a testament to her ever-growing talent. –Rebecca Robinson

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