Schubert: Die Liebe liebt das Wandern (4CDs, Br-Klassik)


Schubert: Die Liebe liebt das Wandern – Eine Horbiografie [4 CDs] [Audio CD] Udo Wachtveitl; Robert Stadlober; Jorg Handstein; Franz Schubert and Herbert Blomstedt

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The successful series of audio biographies by BR-KLASSIK has reached its tenth episode. In 9 chapters on 3 CDs, this episode is devoted in detail to the short life of Franz Schubert. As usual, illustrated with many musical examples and captivatingly told by Udo Wachtveitl.

Even if Schubert led a somewhat quieter life than Wagner & Co., his story is nonetheless exciting: because he tried out a life plan like no other important composer before him, only supported by a private circle of friends in his career. This did not succeed without setbacks, disappointments and personal tragedies: Schubert’s unhappiness in love, his terrible illness, and probably also his early death were ultimately the price for the unconventional life. But he did not let himself get down: he countered a time of cultural and political paralysis with his great and bold art. Like no other biography in book form, the audio biography shows Schubert’s creative path in around 130 music examples. He himself is embodied by the well-known Austrian actor and rock musician Robert Stadlober, who, against the clichés, paints a strong, contrasting and colorful character image.

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