Schubert: Symphony 8 (Marris Janson) (CD, Br-Klassik)


Symphony 8 [Audio CD] Schubert

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The Great C major symphony is the last symphony; Schubert composed a completed one after the unfinished one, of which he only completed the first two movements and then (for unknown reasons) did not continue the work. In contrast to his much shorter sixth symphony, which is also in C major, it was nicknamed the Great and it is actually a great and magnificent work, the pinnacle of his symphonic oeuvre: monumental, representative and addressed to the general public. Schubert had begun the composition in August 1824, perhaps not until March 1825; The main work took place in the summer of 1825 during the longest journey of his life, which took him from Vienna via Linz and Steyr, via Gmunden, whose surroundings he found truly heavenly, and Salzburg up to Bad Gastein, where he saw imposing Alpine peaks. On the first sheet of music in the manuscript of the score, the date March 1828 is given, perhaps the date of final completion. Schubert died on November 19 of the same year at the age of only thirty-one. The symphony was premiered posthumously on March 21, 1839 in the Leipzig Gewandhaus, under the direction of the Gewandhaus Kapellmeister of 30-year-old Felix Mendelssohn. The live recording of current concerts at the beginning of February 2018 is already being released as a CD by BR Klassik, the top-class and outstanding interpretation of one of the most important compositions of the symphonic repertoire of the Romantic era.

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