Sophisticated Lady JazzQuartet – Simpler Times (LP, 45RPM, Yarlung)


Sophisticated Lady JazzQuartet – Simpler Times (LP, 45RPM, Yarlung)

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45rpm 180g Vinyl LP!Mastered by Steve Hoffman & Bob Attiyeh!Lacquers Cut by Bernie Grundman!Executive producer: Lucile GriederSophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet rehearsed and performed some of these tunes before our concert and recording but many are the first time through; the quartet discussed the tunes and who would take what solo in which order but without rehearsal. I wanted the intensity of raw improvisation. This is possible when superb musicians tackle new material together, listening carefully to each other and playing as a single organism. Right before we recorded For Sebastian, for example, I played the opening of Variation 25 from Bach’s Goldberg Variations on the piano. Misha led the quartet’s improvisation from there. Music cannot get fresher than this.- Bob Attiyeh, producer

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45rpm, Vinyl

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