The Allman Brothers Band – At Fillmore East (UHQCD, Universal Japan)


The Allman Brothers Band – At Fillmore East (UHQCD, Universal Japan)


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While most great rock albums thrive on their energy, At Fillmore East is more like a great live jazz session. What is conveyed here is above all the fun of the musicians involved in the interaction on stage on these three concert evenings in March 1971. The wonderful thing about this album, which brought the Allmans so much recognition, is that it not only offers the finest rock music , but also incredibly well produced. Tom Dowd, who also recorded the Allman Brothers’ second studio album, was there with a 16-track tape machine and caught the band – in an unusual line-up of two lead guitarists and two drummers.

UHQCD stands for Ultimate High Quality Compact Disc and is a joint development of the Japanese CD replication company Memory-Tech and the Audio Quality CD Company from Hong Kong. Unlike conventional CDs, UHQCDs are not pressed from polycarbonate, but cast from a photopolymer and cured with UV light. Another layer of high-purity polycarbonate is applied to protect the softer photopolymer from scratches. The combination results in a significantly reduced reflection of the laser light inside the CD and an unrivaled precise edge transition between pits and lands of the CD. UHQCDs are 100% compatible with regular CD players. Musically, the sound is strongly reminiscent of analog master tapes.

The discs offered by Universal Japan are also MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) encoded. If you output the digital signal from the digital output of your CD player or the previously ripped data stream of your music server to a corresponding MQA DA converter, you can generate a 24-bit signal with a sampling frequency of up to 352 kHz from the CD data.

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