The Many Faces of Oasis (3CDs, Music Brokers)


The Many Faces of Oasis (3CDs, Music Brokers)


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Brit Pop originated in U.K. as a music trend characterized by the exclusive use of British musical influences and which made the sound of many bands that emerged in the 90s. And so they strived – influenced by Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Jam, The Who, Cockney Rebel, Ultravox, T.Rex, Small Faces, Gary Glitter, Buzzcocks, The Kinks, Slade and of course the Beatles – launched multiple bands in the early 90s, leaving a great catalog of notable songs. Of all these bands, Oasis and Blur have been the ones with the greatest worldwide success. Supposedly contrary, Blur represented the British middle class, while Oasis were the typical representatives of the working class, rude and contentious. With a singer (Liam Gallagher) who exuded charisma and had an unmistakable voice, a band sound that was mostly based on a hypnotic guitar sound, an impressive repertoire and a constant promotion presence that was based on the permanent arguments between the two Gallagher brothers (the already Liam and Noel) based Oasis reached the masses and became a classic among the British rock nobility. On The Many Faces Of Oasis you can hear the lesser known paths of the band members as well as their many collaborations. Furthermore, the British rock scene from which they emerged is presented in detail on CD 3.

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