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Blue Wail [Audio CD] Uri Caine


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Uri Caine Trio – Blue Wail

The release of the adaptions of the music by the composer Gustav Mahler in March 1997 [Winter & Winter 910 004-2: Gustav Mahler/Uri Caine, Urlicht/Primal Light], which he made up an ensemble of jewish jazz musicians for, the New York based pianist and composer Uri Caine made his worldwide break through as a composer as well as a musician. The recording of Mahler adaptions received the 1997 Gustav Mahler Award amongst other prices. Half a year passed by, when Uri Caine reappeared with arrangements of another great composer of the turn of the century: Richard Wagner. Wagner e Venezia [Winter & Winter 910 013-2] presents the Uri Caine Ensemble on a live recording at the St. Marks Square and the Hotel Metropol in Venice [Italy].

After handling the musical heritage in a way far beyond a simplifying rhythmification Uri Caine now turns back to his roots: on Blue Wail the pianist presents jazz music – unmistakable, independent and far beyond the common approach of Jazz.

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