Vale Tango Las huellas en el mar (CD, Winter and Winter)


Las Huellas en El Mar – Andres Linetzky & Vale Tango [Audio CD] Andres Linetzky and Vale Tango

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Vale Tango led by the musical director and composer Andrés Linetzky is one of the most important groups of the present tango scene. Since 1997 Andrés Linetzky and producer Stefan Winter work together, record AudioFilms (cinema for closed eyes) about scenes in the city of Buenos Aires (“¡Tango Vivo!”), authentic sounds in B.A.’s most famous tango club “La Viruta” and dance programs (“Tango alla Baila”) for tango aficionados. But also Andrés Linetzky’s family history »The Linetzky Family – Diaspora in Buenos Aires« was produced by Winter&Winter as a very moving musical documentary.

Vale Tango plays original music and remains at the same time faithful to the historic style. The interpretations of Andrés Linetzky’s music are characterized by an incredibly fresh and individual approach. The musicians on the one side shine with their sensitive interplay and on the other side with outstanding soloistic passages. All compositions are penned by Andrés Linetzky and are tailor-made for the group. Vale Tango strives after creating a new tango alchemy without changing the grand air of tango. Big, sometimes nostalgic feelings and the passionate tango pervade this music and therefore bestow on »Las huellas en el mar« a very special sparkle. Patrick Duval, director of the performance space Le Rocher de Palmer invites Vale Tango to Bordeaux. This gives producer Stefan Winter the possibility to record under best conditions the sounds of Vale Tango.

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