Wagner: Das Rheingold (Sir Simon Rattle) (2CDs, Br-Klassik)


Wagner: Das Rheingold [Audio CD] Tomasz Konieczny; Michael Volle; Christian Van Horn; Bemjamin Bruns; Burkhard Ulrich; Elisabeth Kulman; Annette Dasch; Janina Baechle; Herwig Pecoraro; Peter Rose; Eric Halfvarson; Mirella Hagen; Stefanie Irnyi; Eva Vogel; Richard Wagner; Simon Rattle and Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks

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Everything that Sir Simon Rattle takes into his conducting hands will be based on this maxim, music critics and audiences have mutually agreed on pure gold in recent years. Everything, with the exception of Richard Wagner’s musical dramas …! It was said again and again: Rattle and Wagner do not go together, of course, without good reasons to be able to cite them. Now the third collaboration between the Briton with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and a group of first and best Wagner singers proves the opposite: the concert performance of Rheingold, the evening before Wagner’s mighty tetralogy The Ring of the Nibelung in the Hercules Hall of the Munich Residence, which now only a few Months after the live event on April 24th and 25th, 2015, BR Klassik will release it for the first time on two CDs.

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